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Hello, I'm Sarah!

I'm a designer currently enjoying the great city of Atlanta, GA. 
This is my personal portfolio, where I'm showing off the best of the best,
the top projects and my favorite things I've worked on.

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Can provide logo portfolio and UX/UI package upon request.





My name is Sarah, and I am a designer. 

What kind of designer am I?

What a tough question! I can tell you all about myself, from my personality type (INFJ) to my house (Ravenclaw) to my zodiac sign (Virgo). I'm a co-founder, a cat owner, a sister, an avid reader - but I can't just pick one design style! I love all types: digital, print, infographics, branding, logos, websites, and recently UX/UI.

The flower in the background is from A Book of Books, my senior thesis. Though outdated, I love to show it off, as no design since has fully embodied my personality in one concise project. Take a peek here.

Self portrait and cover photo by the wonderful Diana Ascurrunz. Check her out here!

This year, I quit my corporate job and co-founded a team of freelancers called Craft & Code. Most of my projects flow through this team, as they have far more resources than I have working solo, and they handle the development, SEO, and app building that complement my design.

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