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My name is Sarah, and I am a designer. 

What kind of designer am I?

I've found that question to be difficult to answer. I can tell you all about myself, from my personality type (INFJ) to my house (Ravenclaw) to my zodiac sign (Virgo). I'm a co-founder, a cat owner, a sister, an avid reader - but I cannot file my design type into a neat category. I love all types: digital, print, infographics, branding, logos, websites, UI/UX, and I can occasionally be found sketching and planning. 

The flower in the background is from A Book of Books, my senior thesis. Though outdated, I love to show it off, as no design since has fully embodied my personality one concise project. Take a peek here.

This year, I quit my corporate job and co-founded a team of freelancers called Craft & Code. Most of my projects flow through this team, as they have far more resources than I have working solo, and they handle the development, SEO, and app building that complement my design.

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