I'm a freelancer living in the great city of Atlanta. My passion is creating and strengthening brands - whether that's from scratch or from an existing brand, or from print materials to a full-scale web design. I automatically integrate UX and research into every project that I do, and my passion doesn't stop from start to finish. This is my personal portfolio where I've aimed to show a small taste of my variety of work. If you'd like to see more or talk about how I can help you, please feel free to contact me!


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Every so often I feel so passionate about a certain subject that I know that I need to write about it, resulting in a collection of freelance bits and bobs. Check out a few of my articles, advice, and links!



We all have passion projects! Mine are infographics, so I love to show them off on my homepage. These are immensely fun but don't fall into any category. They're funny, educational, and for several different businesses.