It starts with your brand & homepage.

My belief is that your brand & homepage are the building blocks upon which the remainder of your site thrives. I spend the most time working on a homepage to get firm approval on the direction before beginning interior pages. If you don't have a logo or strong brand, don't worry! I do that too.

My speciality is creating sites from scratch. I work primarily in Shopify and Wordpress alongside Kelly Vaughn - but I also love helping out with Squarespace sites to help those with smaller businesses and smaller budgets.


Your interior matters, too

You can't just have a cool homepage and let the interior fall flat. I'm a firm believer in that. I strive to ensure that your interior has a seamless flow, since I'm a UX designer as well. I won't hesitate to make suggestions to help you improve your process flow.


But what are some sites you've worked on?

Yes yes, the good stuff! I like to highlight three sites at a time that are the freshest and most current. Below you'll see three case studies of my current three favorites.


What a thrill to design a boutique's site! Chic Soul took the curvy business from Mint Julep and wanted a rose quartz and serenity themed site. I really got to unlock my creativity with this site, and a bit of my girly-girl side!